Welcome to Old Stratford Parish Council

Situated here in South Northamptonshire we are on the very edge of the county with the River Ouse forming the country boundary with Bucks. Old Stratford straddles the A5 Watling Street, Passenham is just two fields away and although the new city of Milton Keynes is nearby and we share an MK postcode, we are very much part of rural Northants.

The Parish Council is charged with looking after the best interests of the village and hamlet and is made up unpaid volunteers guided by our Clerk, Derek M Everett. While we do get involved with interesting projects that can take up time most of us spend a few hours a month on village issues.

The Parish Council is involved with planning applications, street lighting, roads and footways, obstructions, parking, new legislation, county, regional and Government decisions affecting the community. We enter into discussions, confer and often object to decisions taken at district and county level. There are sub-groups dealing with specific issues when required.

Helping to make Old Stratford village and the hamlet of Passenham a good place to live.

We are founder members of the newly formed Safer Community Panel. We confer with Neighbourhood Watch, the playgroup and other volunteer groups and it’s about doing what’s right and getting the best for where we live and those who live and work here.

Village life has changed (is changing) and our Parish Council reflects that. Just about anybody that’s interested and with a few hours a month to spare can become a Parish Councillor. Being progressive, open, honest and straightforward, we have pensioners, professionals and young mums as Councillors. One has lived in the village over 50 years and there are those that have lived here less than two. Eleven Councillors plus the Clerk is a good number for us and age and experience, youth, enthusiasm and input is always welcome here.

We meet on the second Tuesday of every month at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall and all are welcome to attend. Whilst in the main you can only sit and listen a short time is set aside at each meeting for public speaking. We can’t promise you anything exciting but if you live here it will be relevant and possibly important too. If you become interested in helping, and if there is a vacancy, you could be co-opted on, it’s a simple as that.