The funding for Parish Councils is allocated by the District Council and is taken from the council tax; this is called the Annual Precept.

Income and Expenditure for the next financial year are calculated from estimates, agreed expenditure and current contracts and inflation.  This is added to the local council tax and paid to the parish in 2 installments.

This money is to fund the spending of the Parish Council on local amenities and activities without having to seek permission from any other authority.  Budgetary control and accounts are presented to the parish at its annual open parish meeting.

Precept 2019/20

Precept 2018/19

Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2017/18
Annual Return 2017/18 (audited)
Annual Return 2017/18 (unaudited)
Asset Register 2017/18
Receipts, Payments and Bank Reconciliation 2017/18
Internal Auditors Report 2017/18
Precept 2017/18

Annual Return 2016/17 (audited)
Annual Return 2016/17 (unaudited)
Asset Register 2016/17
Bank Reconciliation 2016/17
Receipts and Payments 2016/17
Precept 2016/17

Annual Return 2015/16
Receipts and Payments 2015/16
Asset Register 2015/16
Precept 2015/16

Annual Return 2014/15
Receipts and Payments - 2014/15
Precept 2014/15

Annual Return 2013/14
Payments and Receipts March 2014
Budget 2013/14

Annual Return 2012/13
Payments and Receipts March 2013
Budget 2012/13

Annual Return 2011/12
Payments and Receipts Account March 2012
Budget 2011/12

Annual Return - 2010/11
Payments and Receipts Account March 2011
Budget - 2010/11

Annual Return - 2009/10
Payments and Receipts Account March 2010
Budget - 2009/10

Annual Return - 2008/9
Payments and Receipts Account March 2009

Payments and Receipts Account March 2008
Budget 2008-9

Annual Return - 2007/8