The Parish Council does not decide upon planning applications

Planning applications are decided by the District Council's Planning Committee or Officers with delegated powers

The Old Stratford Parish Council is consulted by the District Council on each and every application within the Parish because of their local knowledge

This planning application page is updated every Monday with the details of applications verified by the District Council in the preceding week.

Please click on the Application Number to read the full details of the application, view documents, view plans and read comments together with the final decision.

Planning Applications 2018
App. No. Location Details
S/2018/1866/TCA Old Stratford Cut of the Grand Union Canal Cosgrove and Old Stratford Various works to the trees and hedgerow adjacent to the canal, including coppicing, crown work and removal
S/2018/1840/HPD 5 Deanshanger Road Old Stratford Determination as to whether prior approval is required (under Class A, Part 1 of the above Order) in respect of the impact on the amenity of any adjoining premises of a proposed single storey rear extension extending 4.3m beyond the rear wall of the original dwelling house, maximum height of 3.025m and height of eaves 3.025m
S/2018/1836/FUL 41 Willow Grove Old Stratford Single storey side/rear extension
S/2018/1763/COND Land East Of Deanshanger Road Old Stratford Condition 8 [Details of Boundary Treatments] Application for approval of details submitted pursuant to Condition 8 of planning permission S/2014/2380/MAR [Variation of condition 1 (Drawings) of planning permission S/2012/0368/MAR (Residential development of 33 dwellings) with design of house types amended and siting within development adjusted to allow changes to road layout, parking arrangements and footpaths to meet highway requirements].
S/2018/1688/106DV Land south of Towcester Road Old Stratford Application for a Deed of Variation to vary the S106 Legal Agreement entered into in respect of planning permission S/2013/0560/MAO [Residential development of up to 125 dwellings with new access and associated infrastructure (outline)] [To vary allotment and POS obligations].
S/2018/1480/LDP 21 Oxfield Park Drive Old Stratford Loft conversion & 4 no. roof lights
S/2018/1177/FUL 5 Towcester Road Old Stratford New dwelling & detached double garage
S/2018/1160/LDP 14 Hall Close Old Stratford Lawful Development Certificate for a proposed loft conversion including front and rear roof lights
S/2018/1084/FUL The Coach House Passenham Road Passenham Demolition of existing greenhouses, new dwelling and replacement greenhouse
S/2018/1105/COND 38 Cosgrove Road Old Stratford Condition 15 (Archaeological Report following WSI) Application for approval of details submitted pursuant to Condition 15 of planning permission S/2017/1768/FUL (One detached dwelling and detached triple garage, front extension to existing bungalow and raise roof to create first floor living accommodation)
S/2018/0988/TLN Telecommunications Cabinet South Of 27 London Road Old Stratford Notification of installation of electronic communications to install one DSLAM equipment cabinet (superfast broadband)
S/2018/0974/FUL 45 Towcester Road Old Stratford Single storey rear and side extensions
S/2018/0925/MAR Land South West Of Towcester Road Old Stratford Removal of condition 11 S/2017/0595/MAR No more than 100 dwellings shall be occupied until the footpath link to Old Stratford Primary School (as shown on drawing number P-01 Rev A) has been completed and weldmesh boundary fencing to the school boundary has been erected in accordance with details that have been first submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority.
S/2018/0782/FUL 7 Water Close Old Stratford Two-storey rear extension
S/2018/0758/FUL The Swan Inn 1 London Road Old Stratford Variation of condition 2 (plans) to change the proposed materials of the side and rear elevations of unit 2, condition 16 (architectural detailing) to provide new window details for the public house extensions and condition 18 (electricity and gas meter housings) to change the positions of proposed meters. Of planning permission S/2016/1208/FUL (Extensions to public house and new buildings to provide four letting rooms and five dwellings)
S/2018/0691/FUL Unit 5 Saracen House 21 London Road Old Stratford The construction of a new doorway
S/2018/0707/FUL 4 Wheelwrights Way Old Stratford Single storey rear extension
S/2018/0633/FUL 23 Manorfields Road Old Stratford Replacement single storey rear extension
S/2018/0691/FUL Unit 5 Saracen House 21 London Road Old Stratford The construction of a new doorway
S/2018/0606/FUL Manor Farm House Passenham Road Passenham Conversion of barn to dwelling (retrospective)
S/2018/0502/FUL 23 Hall Close Old Stratford Loft Conversion and single storey rear extension
S/2018/0402/NMA Land South West Of Towcester Road Old Stratford Non material amendment to S/2014/2183/MAR (125 dwellings and associated infrastructure) to amend brick plinth to brick dentil course for plots 101 - 104
S/2018/0375/FUL 25 Deanshanger Road Old Stratford Addition of first floor to existing bungalow, single storey side extension and division of dwelling to make two dwellings
S/2018/0297/FUL 2 Wharf Lane Old Stratford Single storey extension (formerly The Gatehouse of Saracen House 21 London Road)
S/2018/0264/FUL 21 Cosgrove Road Old Stratford Proposed dormer on rear elevation, relocate side obscure glazed window on the West elevation
S/2018/0139/NMA Saracen House 21 London Road Old Stratford Non-material amendment S/2016/1521/FUL - (Sub division of existing house to provide 3 residential units and the conversion of the existing studios to provide 2 residential units together with minor elevation modifications, partial demolition of a boundary wall) to change internal layout, fenestration, new entrance & remove external staircase & install new internal layout.
S/2018/0134/TCA 17 London Road Old Stratford Walnut Tree - Fell
S/2018/0094/LBC Hawkwell 19 London Road Old Stratford Listed building consent for the installation of a cloakroom
S/2018/0083/LDP 45 Towcester Road Old Stratford Lawful Development Certificate for a proposed loft conversion including increasing height of gable end, roof lights in front elevation and dormer to rear