Minutes of Meeting Jun 21

Minutes Uploaded on July 19, 2021



Held on Tuesday 8th June 2021 at the Memorial Halll Commencing at 7.30pm

Under  Covid-19 Conditions



Cllrs Mr A Pateman (in the chair),  Mr C Carey, Mr A Holloway, Mrs N Laurence, Ms K Morris,  Mrs L Murgatroyd, & Mr R Smith

Also present were Cllr K Pritchard (WNC) & Mr D Everett (Clerk)


  1. Apologies for Absence

Mr C Allin  & Mrs L Ritson (family commitment)

Note we still have 2 Vacancies by Co-option > advert agreed


  1. Members Declaration of Interest (for items on the Agenda)

Including Members Registration of Interest (Circulated prior to the meeting) and completed at the meeting


  1. Minutes for approval of the Annual Meeting dated Friday 14th May 2021

* were signed as true record



  1. Election of Working Party Groups and Representatives

(The clerk advised on the benefits of Working Parties over Committees at PC level)

Planning:                                           Full council

Finance:                                             Cllrs Pateman, Laurence, Morris, Holloway and Smith

General Purpose:                              Cllrs Pateman, Morris, Carey and Smith

Scrutiny:                                            Cllrs Pateman, Laurence, Carey and Smith

Transport / Highways                       Cllrs Holloway, Smith and Murgatroyd

Pocket Park:                                      The clerk

Passenham United Charities:          Cllr Ritson

Parish Path Warden:                        Cllr Laurence

Whalley’s Charity:                           The clerk

Neighbourhood Watch:                    Cllr Smith (Liaison)

Allotments:                                        Cllr Allin

OSIB:                                                 Cllrs Allin and Holloway

Parish Charity (Community Hall): Cllr Smith

Buckingham Canal Society:            Cllr Carey (Liaison)

* RESOLVED That where appropriate and subject to agreed conditions, the clerk would continue to act and deal with matters under Delegated Powers which would be reported to the Chairman (or Vice Chairman) and at the next meeting of the council


  1. To Adopt Standing Orders (as amended), New WNC Code of Conduct (circulated with the Agenda), Financial Regulations & Risk Assessment; Fixed Asset Register for 2021/2022: Complaints procedure: Freedom of Information Procedure; Terms of Reference for GDPR & (DPO) Service and the Internal Auditor: all reviewed and recommended for adoption

* RESOLVED to approve and adopt


  1. Clerks Report

Update on Covid restrictions and first OSPC meeting as a public body following existing rules


  1. Public Speaking Time (points raised before the meeting)

– Resident mail re verge obstruction Deanshanger Road beyond OS mowing contract; Need for outdoor play equipment on playing field; PedXings required Deanshanger Road /Manorfields & outside school > clerk deals and discussed at lenght


  1. Correspondence received since last meeting (list at the meeting)

– Interim Audit Report > circulated (see Min:12(d))

– Highway Adoption  River / Paddock > Lighting inventory (WP) being reviwed

– Highway conditions cycle track OS and DPC (WNC deny responsibility) > chase

– Complaint of overgrown verge


  1. OSIB Update

Firstly a big thank you to OSIB in the work and appearance their efforts have made; Discussed was areas not within mowing contract (i.e. Travelodge verge planter) and possible remedies


  1. Planning
  • Applications Received

Application Falcon Drive to remove original S106 Affordable housing condition (2001) explained

            (b)       Decision Notices

(c)        Enforcement / Appeals

(d)       Press Notices


  1. Finance

(a)       The Council to approve budgetary control to date (attached to the Agenda)

* RESOLVED to approve budgetary control by unanimous decision


(b)       To Approve Current State of Finance

Treasurer’s a/c             £15,803.81

Business Inst a/c:         £57,606.24 (+ ½ Precept)

Earmarked Reserves:   £39,279.81

Available Capital:        £34,129.94


(c)        To Approve Accounts for Payment 

003531            Clerks Salary:                     £910.35 (£844 = £66.35 Petty Cash)

003532            HMRC:                               £211.00

003533            Cleaner:                              £200.00 (MH cleaning)

003534            DNH Contracts:                  £165.60 (Environmental Contract May)

003535            NJ Blackwell GS:            £1,002.16 (Mowing May)

003536            M Holloway:                        £22.25 (OSIB)

003537            Odell & Co:                       £175.99 (OSIB compost x2)


 (d)      To Adopt Internal Audit report (circulated with Agenda

RESOLVED to approve and adopt


(e)        To Adopt End of Year Accounts (sign AGAR & R&P Ledger)

RESOLVED to approve AGAR and signatures



7(a)  Cllr Pritchard (WNC) Report

To continue as OS Cllri and spoke on WNC set up and progress from SNC and Unitary transfer;

Grant application set up yet to be decided and Planning pressures for the area remain


13        Street Lighting

No reports; clerk advised that PL remarking (not yet completed)


  1. Highways

Highways issues update (potholes etc marked for repair) ; Safety Audit (after 2 years now due Towcester Road entrance to Blackhorse Drive > clerk to arrange site meeting with HH to include verge vegetation (Travelodge)


15..      Councillor Questions and Items for Next Agenda

Review of SOs after Covid-19; Electric scooters (MKC) used in OS and abandoned on footways waiting collection > request that Cllr Pritchard enquire on police (along with police via the clerk)


  1. Date of Next Meeting

Tuesday 13th July 2021 commencing at 7.30pm


With no other business the meeting closed at 9.05pm
































Old Stratford Parish Council

Outstanding Activities

June 2021

Date Item Parish Action Action by Others


A5 upgrade



Canal fencing

Towcester / London Road

Siting complete &ongoing OSIB (OS in Bloom)

Deanshanger Road

SNC/OSPC grant completed –

others to follow (OSPC)


Old Metal fencing Under review

Ongoing Council Surgeries Suspended UFN


Ongoing Allotments Allocation agreed Allotments committee running

allotments  > WC installed





Highway Issues

Pot holes

HGV traffic



River Bridge

> Highway Tracker

Continual review




Cycle issues

Faults and complaints noted

Some patching repairs only

HGV traffic <> Letters to hauliers. MKC to assist – request resent as No Response

Still Under Investigation

Ongoing Blocked drains When required Monitoring (River bridge)



Speed complaint SIDs


Permanent power SIDs?

Passenham speed thro’ 30

‘One Way?’ proposed

Agreed await post/power

Previous Police enforcement

Supported by OSPC awaits

Highways Tracker Towcester Road




Bus Stop obst’n




Parking Regs


> verge repairs

OSPC to consider remedy

(Report to WNC highways)


Markings requested


HE funded scheme


Cedar Close & others

Manorfields/Mounthill & Deanshanger Road end

Maintenance carried out but already damaged by residents and delivery vehicles resolution sought > parking regs

(NCC) Small works agreed?


Improvements completed some safety issues remain > A508

Only Cedar Close approved

Cosgrove Road & Towcester Rd enforcement issues remain



Dog Fouling


Continues on verges and Playing Field –  but better Monitor after additional signs in place > ongoing (Newsletters)
Review Post Office Clerk had liaised support with Bridge Stores re ‘return’ of PO

* Londris (supports)

Positive response awaits outcome with PO (negative) –  Still No progress despite shop expansion

Request for PO counter awaits

Ongoing St Guthlac’s Churchyard  maintenance

(In addition to regular mowing)

Tree work ongoing- front

Wall rebuild completed

Maintenance is reviewed

Ongoing Hall Close Old Canal issues NFA > Awaits WNC advice

tree work considered POS rear of Hall Close gardens ongoing


Note: Most outstanding issue put on hold due to Copvid19 & latest Lockdown